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I am Purvik Rana. Professionally i am a Teacher, where i share knowledge of my expertise areas as well as experiences to others. I do believe in learning from every person in my life so i often try to know them well. Programming is my favorite hobby from list of all but let me tell you, i can stay out of bed for ANDROID programming till late night. I have start developing Android Application on effective ideas since 2 year and still i do stick on the chart. I have published applications MeAlert , MapMe & DevDroid on Play Store which are one of those ideas & wright now working on another one LocNote . I always learn new things often and try to share it to other very well through my possible resources & channels. Love to meet new peoples & hanging out with friends to explore new places fullest. I love photography, so always capture moments of from surroundings from a different angle. That's what all about me.

I can discuss ideas about Android/Mobile App Programming, photography & life, if any of you are interested. Person who like to share knowledge about any new technology or trend i am always ready to discuss that. You can always contact me though the links given below & follow me to get latest updates.

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